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The Minority Allyship & Action Saviour Collective (MAASC) began in October 2017, although it's been on hiatus since mid-2018.  Led by powerful transracial white visionary Zachary, and aided by empath Tamien (Sean Bedlam), MAASC led the way in white saviourdom.  Zachary's commitment to MAASC flags when his attention is taken by a new pursuit of enlightenment (grift).  He is currently trying to take over something called a 'Bikram revival ashram' in Seminyak Beach, Bali by taking exhaustive legal action against another race-shifter less financial than he.

He will, whether you like it or not, return.  They always do.

Spirit poetry accompanied by the healing hang drum.
Transracial Uluru Climber, November 2017.
Guided Meditation #1: The Elder Within, December 2017.
Guided Meditation #2: Point Of Soul, May 2018.