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The Poor Can Feed The Birds.

The podcast.  

YARD (Yelling At Racist Dogs).

Australia's shoutiest anti-racist collective.  'Authoritarian terrorism', in the words of Lauren Southern's tour managers in 2018.  'YARD', in the words of YARD.  

Tom Tanuki - videos.

A random assortment of my favourite videos to date, done, I suppose, as 'me'.

Million Flag Patriots.

The strongest neo-patriotic group Australia has ever seen.  Physically unbashable.

Letters From Our Diggers.

Nick Burns & Tom Tanuki.  Uncovered letters from are Anzacs.

Minority Allyship & Action Saviour Collective.

Sean Bedlam & Tom Tanuki.  Powerful transracial allies.  Empaths.  Healers.  Saviours.


Nick Burns & Tom Tanuki.  Fuck your cops, these are proper cops.