This site is a ragged assortment of all the projects I've worked on, publications I've put out, and stuff I've written/made/meddled in.  I've been so excited to put this together, as I'm pretty sure that owing to the disjointed nature of the social media platforms I've put most of my shit on, most people who follow me know me for only one or another of the things I've done.  Here, you can see it all!  For better or worse!

Look at the navigation menu up top.  The Projects section contains most of the big things I've worked on, and I've tried to encapsulate the highlights or the story-so-far with all of them.  The Publications section is an up-to-date list of the things I've written myself, or have been involved in (such as interviews).  The About section is me banging on about me, and it contains links to most of my stuff.  Finally, I've included a separate section for The Poor Can Feed The Birds, me upcoming podcast which is coming soon (like, very soon - next few days).

Please enjoy!  hmu through social media.

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