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I talk to Nathan Leitch of Barpirdhila Foundation (9:59) about their fundraiser to support Indigenous artists & community affected by COVID-19; yarn with Anthony Kelly of the Police Accountability Project (43:24) about increased copper powers in the pandemic and how they’re misusing them; and I visit & revisit some old mates, such as prominent Australian nationalists, Nazis, conspiracy theorists & cooked Facebook groups, to learn about the shit that they’re making up about coronavirus.

I record The Poor Can Feed The Birds aboard the hull of the abandoned Ruby Princess, where I ride atop a mighty, enormous pangolin steed.  I control an army of horseshoe bats that flock around me like a cloud of night.  We steer the disease hulk around the nation.  I am Dread Coronavirus.

The Poor Can Feed The Birds is part of the Channel Zero Network.



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